Panels and Workshops at OutSummit 2016

First Plenary

Looking Back: The Past 25 Years of LGBTIQ Rights

As OutRight’s 25th anniversary comes to a close, we are inviting distinguished minds to come together to reflect on the successes, challenges and lessons learned of the global movement. What have been key legal milestones for LGBTI human rights? Have we built a truly global movement? What can we learn from our mistakes and successes of the last two and a half decades? | Speakers »


Group 1 – Morning Workshops

Human Rights in the Age of Terror: The Impact of National Security, Militias and Counter-terrorism on LGBTIQ Communities

In today’s world, “terror” and “extremism” have increasingly become the focus of national security, and now some LGBTIQ communities are being targeted by vigilante groups and seen as a threat by their own governments. How are activists combatting these attacks from their own governments? What has the impact been on their communities? How have LGBTIQ people been directly affected by violent extremism and terrorism? Join us for the discussion.


Grace Poore, Regional Program Coordinator for Asia & the Pacific Islands at OutRight Action International



  • Amir Ashour, Founder and Executive Director at IraQueer (Iraq)
  • Emirhan Deniz Celebi, Secretary General of the Board at SPoD (Turkey)
  • Yasmin Purba, Program Director at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (Indonesia)
  • Rosanna Flamer Caldera, Executive Director of Equal Ground (Sri Lanka)
UN-Locked: Diplomats and Officials Address the Independent Expert on SOGI, the Equal Rights Coalition, and Where We Go From Here

This year, the fight for LGBTIQ rights has been at the forefront of UN work, from the recent attack on the Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the UN’s General Assembly to the formation of 34-government “Equal Rights Coalition”. Join us as diplomats and officials from the United Nations come together to discuss these developments as well as the future opportunities for LGBTIQ human rights at the UN from an insider’s perspective.


Siri May, UN Program Coordinator at OutRight Action International



  • Alfonso Nam, President of UN-GLOBE
  • Rene Ruidiaz, Counsellor at the Chilean Mission the the United Nations
  • Jeff O’Malley, Director of the Division of Data, Research and Policy for UNICEF
  • Vivek Rai, UN Women
  • Rikke Elisabeth Hennum, OHCHR

Group 2 – Afternoon Workshops

Who Counts? The Queer Data Revolution and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Why should governments take minority needs seriously? How can LGBTI people globally use data to influence laws, policies and public programs? What do the UN Sustainable Development Goals have to do with LGBTI people? This workshop argues that the time for a data revolution for LGBTI rights is now.


Amie Bishop, Global Health Consultant & Board Member at OutRight Action International


  • Suki Beavers, Inclusive Political Processes Advisor at UNDP
  • Felicity Daly, Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust
  • Micah Grzywnowicz, International Advocacy Advisor at the Swedish Federation for LGBTIQ Rights
  • Stéphane Carcillo, Senior Economist at OECD
Case Studies and Strategies from the Media Frontlines

This age of technology and media has impacted LGBTIQ human rights globally in ways that cannot be denied. In our increasingly connected world, Facebook, Twitter, film, and television are the influential and effective tools for grassroots and international activism. This workshop will provide a space to discuss how media has been successful (and unsuccessful) as a tool for activism and, moreover, how we can use these mediums most effectively.


Tod Hill, Principal at Tod Hill Consulting and Board Member at OutRight Action International, will moderate this workshop.



  • Siri Rodnes, Writer and Director of the BAFTA Scotland nominated short film, “Take Your Partners” (United Kingdom)
  • Ging Cristobal, Project Coordinator for Asia & the Pacific Islands at OutRight Action International (Philippines)
  • Christian Kurz, Senior Vice President Global Consumer Insights VIACOM
  • Kevin Schumacher, Regional Program Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa
Progress in Unusual Places: The Use of Foreign Policy as a tool for Global LGBTIQ Human Rights

How are LGBTIQ activists pushing their governments to engage with other countries’ governments and the United Nations? In what ways have these discussions helped in bringing human rights home? What are successful strategies for increasing the visibility of LGBTIQ rights in foreign policy?


Jean Chong, Founder of Singaporean LGBTIQ organization, Sayoni, and Committee Leader for the ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, will moderate this panel.Speakers:

  • Koen van Dijk, Executive Director of COC Netherlands (The Netherlands)
  • Alesdair Ittelson, Staff Attorney at interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth (US)
  • Sheriff Mothopeng, Regional Advocacy Coordinator at Gender Dynamix (South Africa)
  • Daniela Santana, Fellow for the Rapporteurship on rights of LGBTI Persons

Second Plenary

Looking Forward: A Manifesto for the Trump Years

As Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”. With the recent election of Donald J. Trump as the 46th President of the United States, this sentiment is all the more important for our community to remember. Join us as we discuss the future of global LGBTIQ activism over the next four years, Trump’s potential impact, and our strategies for strengthening our community and resilient activism as we move forward. |
Speakers »